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Haratech Veneto Highback Ergo Chair

Chair List Price:   $899.00
Our Price:   $699.00 Base Price No Tax (except for California residents), Free shipping
Color:   Coming Soon
Reclining Angle:   110-170 degrees
Warranty:   3 year limited
  • Dual wheel casters with built-in safety brakes.
  • Pneumatic height adjustment.
  • Seat depth adjustment.
  • Forward tilt and rocking motion with multiple lock.
  • Rocking motion tension adjustment.
  • Back angle adjustment.
  • Backrest height adjustment (3" range).
  • Back height of 21-1/2".
  • Nine different armrest options including patented height and width adjustable keyboard arms as shown at left.
  • Patented Triple-Y base is standard, five star base available as an option.
  • Tempur Foam available at an upcharge.
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Today, people spend over 6~8 hours a day on chair. Inevitably, there are problems associated with the life pattern such as poor blood circulation around pelvis, hemorrhoids, prostate disorder, and corpulence of lower body. In case of severe hemorrhoids patients, they have problem sitting in traditional chairs. Because of this change in life pattern, people sitting on chairs are potential hemorrhoids patients.

Harachair is resolving and easing these problems by providing a way to maintain proper posture and circulation. Hara chair has changed the traditional single base and a back support structure. Weight of the upper body is spread evenly on two bases and the bases can be customized to fit and support pelvis of individuals. Also the gap between the bases allows better air circulation and helps blood circulation. These can prevent problems caused by sitting in a chair for long period.
Harachair is designed with the concept of fitting the chair into human body rather than demanding adjustment of human body to the chair. A transition from static to dynamic design in the development of chairs is necessary and Haratech is endeavoring to give people with the best chairs.


The base of a chair is separated in two and designed based on a human body science to fit pelvic structure. The chair can be adjusted to give comfort to the body.




The genuine mechanism of Harachair allows easy adjustment of the base of a chair to give comfort.Stable and comfort posture helps preventing spinal and pelvic disorders as well as hemorrhoids.



The base of Harachair moved vertically to fit the pelvic structure of a person. The base can adjust itself to fit the ideal pelvic angle for men and women. This relieves the pressure on spine and pelvis caused by the upper body weight and enables better blood circulation.




The use of a high grade gas cylinder makes it easy to control the height of the chair.




Arms of the chair can adjust the height to relieve the strain on the wrists and arms. Also the use of foamed polyurethane gives sturdy and stable support.



The back support and headrest can be adjusted to fit your preference. The back support has 5 different modes to give a comfort.


The removable headrest is designed to give the best support to the neck and the height and angle is adjustable to match your needs.






When growing up, many people are told to have proper posture. People emphasize the importance of keeping the right posture but fail to think about the reason for not doing so. One of the main reasons is that traditional chair design is not adequate for everyone. Angle of pelvis is different from men to women (65' for men and 85' for women). Also the size of each individual varies. Therefore, adjusting the chair to fit each individual is necessary.

The average human nowadays spends most of time on a chair. According to a study, Average high-school students spend 10~15 hours on chairs and office workers 6~7 hours.

Spending long period on chair could result in the followings:

  • pelvic misalignment causing spinal problem and corpulence of lower body
  • twisted spines causing migraine headache
  • disorder around anal area

These problems could occur due to improper distribution of upper body weight. When you sit on an ergonomic chair, 50% of your body weight is focused on an 8% of a touching surface area around hip bone. That is, your weight is focused on two points (one on each side of pelvis). Therefore, pelvis is an important bone which supports the body weight when you sit and it is important to support the pelvis properly.

To resolve these issues Haratech has developed Harachair with the following approaches.

Hara ergonomic chair:

1. Defines a new relationship between a human body and a chair through a dynamic human model focusing on pelvis shape
2. Considers human body according to measured data
3. Pays attention to the distribution of bodily pressure on the chair and body's sensing it
4. Adapts conditions such that gives least stress to body based on studies of body posture and muscle activity
5. Utilizes the body movement to design the shape of ergonomic chair

The main innovation of Harahair is redefining the idea for a base. With the above considerations, the base has been divided into two pieces and each part can be adjusted to give the suitable support for pelvis.

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