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What makes the Sanyo Massage Chair so popular?

  • 5 year parts warranty, 4 year labor warranty, 3 year no cost shipping for warranty returns.
  • The best warranty in our industry!
  • The Sanyo chair is the only massage chair engineered and constructed to last 10 to 15 years with daily usage.
  • Powerful 4 motor system delivered by some of the strongest and quietest Japanese motors on market today
  • Rolling kneading tapping system simulates natural masseuses motions
  • Intelligent 4 roller system that pinions to hug the body, guaranteeing the rollers never leave the back area
  • Z-shaped spine curving design hugs to your spines natural form.
  • Longer reach of rollers insure a better neck massage vs other massagers.
  • Targeted directly on major "stress points" on your neck.
  • Has the world’s first "customizing massage" ability. Sensors detect stiffness and tension and will customize the chairs massage functions to deliver you a massage where its most needed. Over 1 million different patterns.
  • 170 degree recline for full layout
  • 2-speed multifunctional and reversible 6 roller foot rest to points neglected in other massagers
  • Ultra-long range massage
  • Solid rubber rollers guarantee long life and penetrating massage
  • Pliable leather-like skin to insure the ability to stretch and Massage chair pliable leather-like skinconform to your body. Made to not be continually conditioned and will not crack under pressure
  • American-sized recliner with the ability to reach large American frames better than any other chair
  • Foot rest elevates slightly upwards to promote better blood circulation
  • Built for long and repeated use. Conforms to Sanyo's award-winning stress and durability testing from one of Japan's most recognizable names
  • Full control of all the functions at your finger tips. Customize massages to best meet your needs with the easy to use one-touch controls.
  • Simple easy to learn controls
  • Allows you to easily operated every massage feature
  • Easy-roll casters and has the ability to fold up for easy movement and quick storage
  • Child lock switch to insure safety and preserve your chair from young hands
  • The only chair approved by FDA, ETL (US highest safety department), ISO-2002 and UL Approved.

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FDA Certified ISO-2002 Certified ETL Approved UL Approved

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