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Why buy from us or why let us host your product?

  • We place in the top 10 for search engines in Google, Yahoo, Lycos, MSN, and the rest of the big 8 web engines. We get the traffic and people come back to buy.
  • We have worked in the business for 6 years. We are not a start up and do not 'forecast' profits in the future. We move merchandise and move it well.
  • You get up to the minute additions, changes on your items, pretty much anything you need on our websites. And yes, you will be listed on multiple websites. We don't have your type of item in our list...we will create a new part of the stores to showcase your products.
  • You also get professionally designed websites you will be proud of. Many of our manufacturers point to us when people want to know more about the product they sell on the web.

Sanyo Chair welcomes new opportunities to companies or individuals who are looking to expand their retail line with high quality
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By taking advantage of our purchasing power, we can offer competitive wholesale prices for those businesses looking to offer our line of products. Please send any inquires to:


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