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Founded in the mid 90's Ergo Chairs is in the business of new product development and importing specialty office equipment.  Our key strengths are customer service, strong management team, and innovative chair designs.  For the last five years, our company has grown tremendously, and our potential for further growth remains strong.  This is due to offering excellent products at extraordinary prices across our entire product line, and giving exceptional customer service.

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Our Ethics

leather chairErgo Chairs strive harder to serve our customers better each and every day. We do not ship repackaged or defected products; and if your package arrives damaged, we will exchange it for a new one at no cost to you. We only ship genuine brand name chairs from the original makers. For some ergonomic chairs, the brand name makers offer a direct drop-ship to our customers. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction since we know customers are "our master and king."

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Please look at our line of ergonomic chairs and compare them with other dealers. Our shipping and chair processing department gets chairs delivered quickly and safely every time.


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