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Tips for Buying Leather Reclining Chairs

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  1. Leather recliners vary greatly in price based on the quality and costs of refining the leather. The higher the grain of leather, the more durable the leather chair is, the higher the price.
  2. Upholstery of contemporary leather chairs will not crack, split, or peel. The leather furniture finish or pigment may do this in lower grades, but the leather itself will not.
  3. Pets and leather recliner chairs don't always get along. If possible, make sure your pets are de-clawed or have access to things to chew on rather than your upholstery.
  4. Black leather chairs have inherent characteristics that indicate their quality. Finer grades of leather furniture have less processing steps, which result in a more natural look. For example, leather recliner chairs with more wrinkles are usually softer and suppler.
  5. Wingback leather recliner should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Keep chairs away from heating elements. Sunlight can cause fading and heat can make leather furniture brittle.
  6. A leather loveseat recliner with vinyl match features leather on the parts that are in contact with your body as you sit, while the sides and back of the recliner chairs are covered in a vinyl that matches the leather furniture. The benefit is that you get the look and feel of expensive leather for a cheap price.
  7. Pad-over-chaise is a seamless extension of upholstered material that connects the seat base to the footrest. This extra material results in leather recliner chairs that are much more comfortable than leather chairs that have a gap between the seat and the footrest.
  8. A massaging leather recliner chair is incredibly durable and easy to clean. A mix of water and mild detergent is typically all you'll ever need to keep your leather furniture recliner looking beautiful.
  9. Offer leather chairs with push-back, handle, and lever designs. Push-back designs recline when the user pushes back on the arms and leans back. Handle swivel recliners feature a handle on the outside of the leather recliner that releases the footrest when pulled. Lever leather chairs are similar, but the lever is typically located on the inside of the armrest.
  10. Brown leather chairs have an elastic quality to them and will conform with use over time. Your leather living room furniture may need a period of breaking in.

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