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5 Things Business Owners Forget in Their New Office

computer desks and chairs You've finally moved your business out of your home, garage or local coffee shop into your own office space. But will you and your employees be productive and happy? Many new business owners set up work stations but forget the things that will help them the most.

Allow Employees To Personalize Their Space

Make sure your employees are able to set up personal items on their desks, like coffee mugs, pictures or plants. Allowing for creativity will make employees feel more comfortable and it will not cost you a thing.

Good Lighting Is Essential

Eye strain will make you and your workers tired and cranky. Good, bright lighting will boost efficiency. Studies have also shown that natural materials and light have beneficial health effects as well. Fewer sick days means more productivity in the office.

Have Enough Electrical Outlets

With all of the computers and electrical equipment that businesses use now, it is essential that you have enough outlets for work station mobility. And don't forget the conference table. Business suppliers, like those at, can provide desk outlets for optimal power and data distribution.

You'll also want to think about ways to corral all of your computer cords to keep them out of the way at your work stations and floor cord covers to keep power cords from becoming tripping hazards.

Have High Quality Business Supplies

Pens, ink, envelopes and paper are important, of course. But also remember to have cleaning supplies, postage stamps or postage machine, scissors, trash bags for every trash can at each work station, and tape.

Nothing stops work flow more quickly than running out of the supplies you need. Also think about the work styles of your employees. Should you have a white board on hand for group work sessions? Could brainstorming be more fun and effective if you have colored markers or crayons?

Employee Health Should Be A Priority

It's already been mentioned that fewer sick days means more productivity, but it is important enough to emphasize again. Be sure to have lots of facial tissue and hand sanitizer for employees to use. And keep healthy snacks available instead of sweets. Popcorn, nuts and fruit are good options.

By keeping these 5 things in mind when finishing your office set-up, you and your staff will be readyfor action when your office opens for business.


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