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5 Creative Ways to Reward Your Above-Average Employees

computer desks and chairs Whether the focus of a business is on customer service or production, employees have the potential to increase or decrease revenue. Rewarding employees for their efforts increases morale and helps to prevent a business from having a high turnover rate.

Recognition Plaques

Rewarding employees with recognition plaques is an excellent way to show appreciation to your staff. One advantage of recognition plaques is that they donít cost a lot of money.

Employees enjoy hanging them in their cubicle to show off their impressive achievements. Employees can also use recognition plaques to their advantage when they are interviewing for another position in the company.

Gift Cards

Many employers reward their employees with gift cards. A great advantage of gift cards is that employees can spend the money on whatever they want. There are many varieties of gift cards available, with some prepaid visa and master cards that are usually accepted everywhere. Other employers choose purchase gift cards for large department stores such as Target and Wal-Mart.

Movie Tickets

Movie tickets are also an excellent way to show appreciation to your employees. Whether the recipients are young professionals or reaching retirement age, almost everyone loves going to the movies. Movie tickets give employees the freedom to choose what they want to see. Movie tickets that are offered as gift certificates allow for employees to not only enjoy the movie that they want to see, bu they also allow for them to visit the theater whenever they want.

Bonus Checks

Bonus checks are a very popular way of rewarding employees for their efforts. They can be issued monthly, quarterly, or at the end of the year. Some companies structure bonus checks based on the performance of the employee. Workers tend to work harder when they know extra compensation is involved. A great advantage of bonus checks is how employees can spend the money on whatever they need or desire at the time.

Free Lunch

Providing lunch is a great way to show appreciation to your employees. Employers have the option to take their staff to a restaurant or have food catered into the office. Many restaurants offer group discounts and have private rooms. Local catering services such as Cullens provides an excellent quality of healthy food at a competitive price.

Rewarding employees for their efforts increases morale and helps the company maintain a low turnover rate. Many rewards that you may offer can help to increase productivity and will help to encourage your employees to put everything into their work.

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